Digital Media and Social Networking
Enterprise Ireland supports a vibrant collection of 220 companies with a global reach.  Companies in Irish Digital Media include a broad scope of dynamic web 2, gaming, animation, music, TV, film, technology products, SAAS across verticals in Telecoms, Internet, Media and Entertainment.  Ireland’s Digital Media companies contribute to € 50 billion per year in exports.

InfoSecurity Ireland (ISI) is all about advancing Ireland as a center of Information Security excellence, increasing the competitiveness of Irish technology companies abroad and establishing the country as the global marketplace for breakthrough IT security products and services.

Ireland is home to one of the world’s strongest clusters of e-learning expertise and has been at the forefront of innovation and technology for over 20 years. Irish companies are leaders in the global learning industry and collectively have the experience, expertise and capability to design, develop and deliver innovative, large scale learning projects.

Nobody knows mobiles like the Irish. We’ve the world’s highest usage of mobile phones per capita and this familiarity translates into great entrepreneurs, great technology companies, great staff, and great innovations. The continued adoption of high-speed internet (fixed and mobile) as a direct channel opens up a significant revenue opportunity and Irish companies are well placed to service this market.

With abundant natural resources (climate, maritime conditions and agriculture), clean-tech is in our DNA. Now, we’re parlaying these rich resources into cutting-edge sustainability technologies focused on 6 key areas: energy efficiency, waste-water treatment solutions, waste material handling equipment, bio-mass/bio-energy, marine renewables and environmental monitoring and instrumentation services. The rapid growth of this sector is reflected in the rising number of clean-tech companies that employ more than 6,800 people. Within the sector, Enterprise Ireland supports 144 companies employing 3,400 people and exporting goods and services valued at $167M in 2008.

The biotechnology industry has found a natural home in Ireland, which has demonstrated its commitment to the development of the industry in the clearest possible ways. Ireland has created a highly structured supportive environment, particularly beneficial for indigenous companies, that provides the right conditions and the substantial resources necessary for encouraging strategic investment in innovation, research and development, business growth and commercial success, in this sector. Ireland is growing new indigenous biopharma biotechnology industry – examples of new bio companies include: Merrion Pharmaceuticals, Opsona, Trinity Biotech, Pharmatrin.

The LifeSciences sector has contributed significantly to Ireland’s economic development over the past decades and will continue to be vital in driving export led growth in the future. Today the sector employs in excess of 52,000 people in over 350 enterprises and at over $60 billion (2008) accounts for almost 30% of total exports.

Government Sector
Enterprise Ireland has a number of clients active in the Federal, State and Local Government markets. These clients specialize in software and services for telecommunications, security, biometrics, social enterprise management and transportation. Enterprise Ireland facilitates clients to navigate government procurement routes and to source partners.


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