SpamTitan Technologies Unveils ArcTitan, a powerful email archiving solutions for SMBs

Galway, IE and Tampa , FL, Oct 2nd 2014



SpamTitan Technologies, a leading producer of business email and web security solutions, today announced the availability of ArcTitan, a powerful cloud based email archiving solution targeted at helping small and medium sized enterprises. The solution integrates seamlessly with most existing corporate email mail servers in use today including including MS Exchange 07/13,Lotus Domino, Kerio, MDeamon, Zimbra, Google Apps, Office 365.

In today’s corporate world, email remains the most critical business application. ArcTitan provides a simple yet powerful solution to offload email storage, streamline search and compliance needs, and give users permissions-based access to any email message. ArcTitan is simple to access and requires little administrative effort. These comprehensive features ensure ease of use and take the burden off of system administrators. With ArcTitan businesses have peace of mind that they have a secure copy of every email, even if deleted from servers”, said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, SpamTitan Technologies.

With non-compliance regulation bringing fines and threats of imprisonment, businesses are looking to deploy systems that archive email communications in a compliant way. For many organisations, this can become an organisational and storage nightmare. ArcTitan helps organizations in highly regulated industries ensure compliance in the case of an audit. “Most archiving legislation now calls for a 7 year retention period, these regulations and penalties mean organisations are often under pressure to find a solution that allows them to comply but in the easiest and most affordable way.

ArcTitan has been designed with both the flexibility and control organizations need to meet changing business requirements. The ArcTitan solution delivers the following benefits:

-Peace of mind –robust and redundant hosting as the Infrastructure is built on Amazons Virtual Private Cloud on AWS. We also do backups of our whole infrastructure.

-Complete Security

(a) Mail is fully encrypted, you can use TLS Encryption to send us your email, and when it is stored, it is stored encrypted using AES 128 encryption.

(b) We use passwords that are hashed and encrypted to control access with inbuilt certificate management and delegated management.

-Disaster Recovery – should it arise that any event destroys your on premises mail server with ArcTitan you have an off-site back up with a global enterprise level infrastructure

-Reduce IT Budget – ArcTitan removes the cost of provisioning, management and upgrading hardware. With ArcTitan all of these costs are removed.

Highlighted features of ArcTitan include:

-Unlimited cloud based email archiving including inbound/outbound/internal email, folders, calendar and contacts

-Comprehensive Policy based archiving, including customizable retention periods and policies based on user, content and attachments plus many more Email Discovery – Easy email, file, contact based search and retrieval.

-Full Email Audit Capabilities

-Outlook plug in – allow users search their archive from their Outlook clients.

-NTML based single sign on for Windows users Bulk email import from PST, EML, MBOX and MSG Bulk email export to EML, PST, MSG, PDF, TIFF format Restore, delete and print options

-Safe search and automated search options

-Active Directory, LDAP, IMAP and Google Authentication options

-Secure- TLS encryption of email to ArcTitan, AES Encrypted Archive, Superfast Search™ – email compressed, Zipped, message de-duplication, attachment de-duplication allowing for the fastest search and retrieval Hosted Securely on Amazon AWS Web console access with multi-tiered and granular access options, you decide user access permissions.

-SMTP, IMAP, Milter, POP Connectors

“Using the near limitless capacity of the cloud for email archiving and search makes perfect sense and with ArcTitan it just couldn’t be simpler, more secure or cost effective” said Kavanagh. ArcTitan provides an extra layer of protection to the organisation. With ArcTitan Users can search, view and retrieve their email even from their own Outlook client. The solution also includes full email search functionality and legislative compatibilities for e-discovery, retention and audit compliance. The benefits far outweigh the low cost of setup (virtually nil) and ongoing costs.

Pricing and Availability

ArcTitan is available immediately with generous discount to existing SpamTitan customers. All subscriptions come with full technical support.

Typical pricing starts at $3.32 per user per month for a 50 user license*. Full price list and product details are available at or email for further information or queries.

*Based on 1 year license purchased.

About SpamTitan Technologies

SpamTitan Technologies, a global provider of sophisticated enterprise-level email and web security solutions, markets SpamTitan, offering businesses the most comprehensive protection from email threats, including SPAM, viruses, Trojans, phishing, malware and other unwanted content. It also markets WebTitan, an easy-to-install, easy-to-manage and highly secure web filtering solution and ArcTitan a powerful business email archiving solution . SpamTitan Technologies’ unique approach in utilising next-generation virtualisation and cloud solutions eliminates the need for unwieldy hardware, giving customers unparalleled flexibility, versatility and capability but at an affordable price. A division of CopperFasten Technologies, SpamTitan Technologies is a global company with headquarters in Galway, Ireland. For further information visit

For further press information please contact: Geraldine Hunt




Ostia’s Hybrid Integration Platform on IBM’s Cloud Marketplace



According to Gartner1, ‘Hybrid integration platforms (HIPs) are a new way to connect cloud-based, mobile and on-premises resources’; that’s quite a mouthful, what does it mean?

There is a growing demand by large enterprises to leverage the benefits of cloud and mobile computing. Until relatively recently, these enterprises have expended significant energy and resources on ensuing all their data is kept in secure data centre silos. That data only made it to the outside world in traditional form such as statements, invoices and the like. Enterprises are now being challenged by their customers and are under competitive Digital Innovation pressure to make better use of this very valuable data resource; making selected data more widely available whilst at the same time, maintaining a highly secure operation. Hence the need for HIPs – using Cloud computing technologies to get selected data securely, but quickly and easily, from the enterprise’s firewall protected core processing engines, to mobile and web devices without impacting or making any changes to those critical core systems. Ostia’s Portus technology is an agile, ‘point and click’ and innovative HIP solution that addresses both the legacy and modern worlds; it is equally at home running on a mainframe as on today’s state-of-the-art data server.

Ostia, using IBM’s Bluemix and Softlayer Cloud infrastructure, offer the agile and secure HIP approach using its Portus platform as shown below.


Portus is used to create APIs in seconds from traditionally difficult to access technologies such as VSAM, CICS and ADABAS data. These APIs are then accessible in a controlled and secure way from the Cloud environment. The following Bluemix app is displaying combined data from VSAM and ADABAS files on an IBM z/OS system:


These are two of the most difficult on-premise resources on the most difficult platform to access. Of course this can be used for any on-premise data store you may have on any platform. For more information on how Ostia can help please visit Ostia’s website:

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