David Aslin of Nexit Ventures chairs pitch round table

David Aslin of Nexit Ventures shared some pitch ideas this morning at an event this morning in Palo Alto. David’s focus is on telecom companies. Each company had ten minutes to discuss there pitch and get feedback on what best to say, gain insight on some of the questions they could expect and ensure that they covered all major aspects.

Main points? What is the problem you want to solve – be very specific. What will you bring to market that the conventional competitor cannot? How will you bring it to market – have you identified the low hanging fruit, i.e. the easy business that you will first approach? What are your funding plans. What is the exit – who, why, when – based on a long term business plan. What is the competitive environment.

How big could company get. Look at TAM (total available market) SAM (served acceptable market) SOM (share of market)

Maxroam speak to the US Military

Pat Phelan of Maxroam was in San Francisco last week at the CTIA conference. Silicon Republic pick up on some of his good progress- http://www.siliconrepublic.com/news/article/11434/

This Week in the Bay Area

Monday- September 15th, 2008

6.30 PM: SDForum Startup SIG: Jeff Clavier, SoftTechVC, leading angel investor. (Menlo Park) http://www.sdforum.com

Tuesday- September 16th, 2008

7.00 AM: SKMurphy: Bootstrappers Breakfast (Sunnyvale) http://www.bootstrappersbreakfast.com

6.00 PM: Dublin City University Alumni Meeting (Irish Consulate, San Francisco)

Wednesday- September 17th, 2008

6.00 PM: SVASE EBS: Picking The Right VC (Danville) http://www.svase.org/?q=node/1015

Thursday- September 18th, 2008

8.00 AM: SVASE VC Breakfast Club with David Aslin of Nexit Ventures, focus on Mobile and Wireless Communications (East Palo Alto) www.svase.org/?q=node/1555

6.00PM: SVASE Cleantech BIG- how new Battery & PVC technologies will turbocharge energy, autos (Palo Alto) http://www.svase.org/?q=node/1564

6.30PM: Irish Network of San Francisco, Networking Event (Menlo Park) http://www.irishnetworksanfrancisco.com/insf

What's on in the Valley

Events in Silicon Valley/ Bay Area this week (September 8- 12)

Tuesday, September 9:
5.30 pm: David Aslin of Nexit Ventures gives the “SVASE Funding Pitch Workshop”, (Palo Alto)- http://www.svase.org/?q=node/752

Wednesday, September 10:
11.30 AM: “SVASE CXO Leadership Forum” luncheon designed to foster discussion in a confidential format among founders, officers and managers (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO) of startup technology companies.(Menlo Park) http://www.svase.org/?q=node/753

5.30 PM: Enterprise Ireland post CTIA drinks reception, The Thirsty Bear, San Francisco

6.00 PM: The GABA-CA (German-American business in California and Germany) are hosting a discussion on “Investing in Turbulent Times”- http://www.gaba-network.org/index

7.30 PM: The second best networking reception at the CTIA! This is a very good event to go to after the EI Thirsty Bear Event. http://www.fiercewireless.com/jazz/

Thursday, September 11:
7.30AM: “From Mobility to Hyperconnectivity” discussion (San Francisco) http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=IDC_P17760

8:00AM: SVASE VC Breakfast Club with Prashant Shah of Hummer Winblad, Focus on Desktop Software, Embedded Systems, and SAAS. (San Francisco) http://www.svase.org/?q=node/1640

11.45AM: SVASE Startup event- “Selecting and Advisory Board/Board of Directors”

Friday, September 12
7.30 AM: The Bootstrappers Breakfast (Milpitas). www.thebootstrappersbreakfast.com

Shaking the Silicon Valley Money Tree

SVASE (Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs) held it’s “Shaking the Money Tree” event in Palo Alto on Thursday, September 4. The event, of which Enterprise Ireland’s Palo Alto office was a sponsor, saw a distinguished panel provide insight into Venture Investments for the 2nd quarter of 2008.

Steve Bengston of PwC was the moderator for the evening. Steve presented the PwC Money Tree report, the only industry endorsed research of its kind, to a capacity audience. The panel of Allan May (MD Emergent Medical Ventures), Jeff Crowe (Norwest Venture Partners), Rich Redelfs (Foundation Capital), Steve Kan (Clearstone Venture Partners) gave their own thoughts and opinions on the report and also took audience questions.

For over two hours the panellists waxed lyrical on the hot emerging markets (cleantech), the current weakness of the IPO market (zero VC backed IPO’s in the US in Q2’08, the first time in 30 years), the trends shown by the PwC report and anything else on which the audience questioned them.

The synopsis of these expert opinions? The money tree is growing big and strong, but it is becoming more difficult to shake it.

or contact silicon.valley@enterprise-ireland.com for more info.