Espion, one of Europe’s most established specialists in securing corporate information, outlines why “Leveraging Knowledge to Innovate in R&D” benefits business as well as the information security sector.

To date, under the Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, Ireland’s researchers and companies have won almost $815M of research funding.

ICT “Company of the Year” Espion, is an excellent example of an Irish firm actively involved in leading-edge, European R&D security/IT projects that contribute to the wider-good of industry as well as the development of its own unique business proposition.  Thanks to companies such as Espion, Ireland won $15M in European Commission security R&D funding in 2013 alone with $8M of that total going to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Managing the complexities of securing corporate information Espion provides expertise to large organizations on the identification, protection, compliance and management of their information.  The firm is also one of the largest digital Forensics & eDiscovery service providers in Europe – with vast experience in dealing with complex digital investigations and eDiscovery projects for stakeholders in law firms, corporations, government and law enforcement agencies.

Espion co-founder and CTO Jim Lehane, explains:  “In a complex, challenging and evolving landscape it is paramount companies like Espion play their role in R&D which is an intrinsically critical component of ensuring the sustainability and growth of the Information Security sector.  Our vision is to drive innovation in the tools, techniques and insights which are critical to the future of the industry.

Espion has software development skills, academia research experience, a deep understanding of ICT Security and Forensics market environments, as well as vast experience of the diverse legislative environment around privacy and forensic data analysis, within Europe and beyond.  Realizing our ambition, we have increased investment and related participation in collaborative Pan-European research projects.”

In 2013 Espion, was awarded R&D contracts worth a total of $1.8M under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7), as part of four large-scale projects.

Using its deep pool of highly qualified and continuously developing talent combined with its genuine depth and breadth of expertise across all aspects of securing corporate information Espion is collaborating in several Pan-European projects.

Lehane explains:  “One particularly dynamic project is Situation Aware Security Operations Centre (SAWSOC), a $7M venture to develop new techniques and technologies advancing the convergence of physical and logical security technologies.

Espion is developing key cyber forensics software components as part of a critical security infrastructures project. This involves collaboration with the EU’s Research Executive Agency and ten other commercial and academic consortium partners across Europe.”

Espion is also helping to shape the future of ICT Security and Forensics through: developing a three-tiered Security Operations Centre (SOC) for monitoring, mitigating security threats and sharing threat information across various critical infrastructures[1]; providing the EU with a realistic R&D roadmap for the SME sector around cybercrime and cyber terrorism[2] as well as developing methodologies and best practices for privacy and cybersecurity innovators, intended to support the ICT security industry and trustworthy ICT market in Europe[3].

In conclusion, Lehane says: “Ireland has a lot to offer US multinationals. Our information security sector has gone from strength to strength and is among the best in the world thanks to excellent interaction of technology firms, research institutes, third level colleges and industry associations to ensure continuous development of Ireland as a center of excellence in information security.”

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