Client Showcase 2012

Client Showcase 2012

Exhibiting Companies on the Ireland Pavilion

  10n2 Technologiesis a mobile device software company whose technology prevents drivers from using their cell phone while travelling. Biz Protect ™ is focused on safeguarding enterprises from risk and liability, while OneProtect ™ is focused on concerned parents and families.   Both products can differentiate between passenger and driver.Contact: Mario DeRiggi Email: | Web:
  Accuris Networks is a leading provider of Wi-Fi Offload and Roaming solutions that allows mobile operators to automatically and securely connect their subscribers to preferred Wi-Fi networks using SIM based authentication.Accuris Networks enables the operator to deliver value added services to subscribers by providing the full integration of Wi-Fi with mobile networks not just for authentication and data but for all the service the subscribers currently receive on cellular such as billing, voice, messaging, roaming. www.accuris-networks.comContact: David Reeder | Address:O’Connell Bridge House, D’Olier St, Dublin 2, Ireland | Phone No:303-500-5101 | Email: | Web:
  Altobridgewireless network solutions reduce the operating cost of voice and mobile broadband service delivery.Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™: existing and next generation wireless networks are experiencing a bombardment of new data-capable and data-hungry broadband devices. The increasing consumer demand for data services via mobile devices is creating bottlenecks and congestion in networks globally. One of the main barriers to cost-effective broadband access over mobile networks is the effective use of the links from carriers’ core networks to their radio base stations. As such, Altobridge has developed a unique solution that addresses the problem of mobile data network congestion. By maximizing the bandwidth efficiency of carriers’ existing network infrastructure, through our Block Level Caching, Stream De-Duplification, Data Compression and Protocol Optimization technology, Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™ reduces mobile data backhaul requirements by at least 50%. www.altobridge.comContact: Annette Grealish | Address: Kerry Technology Park, Tralee, Ireland | Phone No: 00353 667190210 | Email: | Web:
  Cellusysprovides leading edge solutions for Mobile networks including a comprehensive SMS Firewall, Roam Management Solutions and other Value Added Services such as Parental Control.The innovative Cellusys SMS Firewall includes features which cover SMS Anti-Spam, SMS Faking, SMS Spoofing, SMS Flooding, SMS Anti-Virus, Home Routing, Key Word Analysis plus the ability to incorporate MVNO’s and Multiple Operator Networks.The Cellusys Roam management Suite includes sophisticated solutions for Roam Steering, Anti-Steering Detection, Pre-Paid SMS Roaming and Roam Welcome . The Cellusys Parental Control application allows Mobile Operators to offer their customers a custom defined way of managing the flow of SMS Messages to/from their childrens mobile phones, preventing bullying and allowing use of the phone within predefined periods. Mobile Networks can increase revenue, add more value and protect their customers using the Cellusys innovative product line.Contact: Rick Carter | Phone No: +1 770 536 2425 | Email: | Web:
  Shenick Network Systems delivers award-winning per-flow IP and 4G mobile communication test and performance measurement solutions, which enable service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and enterprise and government organizations to test and deliver revenue-generating infrastructure and services.  Shenick addresses next-generation physical and cloud-based converged IP network and 4G mobile application performance issues for OTT Video, IPTV, VoD, Multi Play (VoIP video, data), Telepresence, IPsec/SSL secure VPN, Security Attack Mitigation, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Traffic Shaping, Peer to Peer (P2P), Application Server Test, Metro Ethernet and IPv4/IPv6 hybrid network deployments.  Established in 2000, Shenick deploys its diversifEye™, and servicEye™ Spider integrated network, application and security attack emulation and performance monitoring systems globally. For more information visit
Contact: Robert Winters | Email: Web:
  Vordellinks all enterprise applications, users, and devices across Cloud, mobile, and on-premise environments.Vordel Mobile Gateway is the foundation for a secure and scalable mobile API delivery platform. It provides out-of-the-box capabilities to monitor, route, throttle, shape, and audit mobile API traffic.Fortune 5000 enterprises and government agencies use Vordel to extend their enterprise applications and SOA infrastructure beyond the perimeter to enable Cloud based services and mobile computing. Vordel makes it possible to deliver and consume “Applications Anywhere” with IT’s existing applications and infrastructure, without costly upgrades and rewrites. To learn more and obtain a free evaluation of Vordel’s products, goto: and follow us on twitter and our BlogsContact: Hugh Carroll | Address:30 Pembroke street upper, Dublin 2,  | Phone No: +353 1 234 2500 | Email: | Web:



Companies Participating with  Enterprise Ireland

WEBTEXT.COMprovides messaging services that enable businesses and organizations send messages to individuals or groups.   These messages can be sent from the WEBTEXT.COM website using a simple web based service or be generated by an organization’s software, for example a CRM package, and forwarded by WEBTEXT.COM. Messages can be delivered as SMS text messages to mobile phones or as voice calls to mobile or landline phones (following text to speech (TTS) conversion by WEBTEXT.COM).WEBTEXT.COM’s customer base is international and includes leading companies and organizations in the areas of Contact Centre and CRM software, telecoms, education, entertainment, finance and insurance, health, retail, hospitality and security. For more information visit www.webtext.comContact: AJ Cahill | Phone No: +353 (0)1 247 9000 | Email: | Web: 



  AdaptiveMobile is the world leader in mobile security, enabling trusted networks for the world’s largest fixed and mobile operator groups and protecting one in six subscribers globally.  AdaptiveMobile provides operators with comprehensive network to handset security solutions enabling them to protect their consumer and enterprise customers against the growing threat of mobile abuse.  AdaptiveMobile is the only mobile security company offering solutions designed to protect all of the services on the network. With our deep expertise and unique focus on network security, we continue to lead the market.  Our mission is to provide a safe and trusted mobile experience for consumers and enterprises worldwide. www.adaptivemobile.comContact: Cody Bowman | 2591 Dallas Parkaway, Frisco, TX, USA | email: | web: | Tel: +1 972 377 0014
  Silansys Semiis a leading provider of productdevelopment services for wireless and wired communications IC’s, modules and SiP products.Our broad range of application level expertise and full product deployment experience enable Silansys Semi to be a highly valuable product development partner. Our track record and expertise in delivering single-chip and SiP wireless and serdes products can enable highly competitiveproducts in many applications.Silansys Semi is working with a range of tier-1 to early-stage customers in diverse applications including UWB, cellular modem modules, mobile digital TV, Displayport, and also in developments from sensors to power management and data storage.Silansys has access to a state-of-the-art RF and microwave evaluation facility for the characterisation of semiconductor devices, mcm, modules and antennae up to millimetre-wave frequenciesContact: Niall O hEarcain | Address: Adelaide Chambers, Per St, Dublin 8, Ireland| Phone No: +353 1 4830840 Email: Web:
  Taoglasis the leading provider of antenna solutions for M2M including external, embedded and base station antennas. Customer applications include Telematics/Automotive, Smart-Grid, Metering/Telemetry, Home Automation, Remote Monitoring and Telemedical applications. Taoglas continually innovates and creates new antenna solutions to meet the evolving needs of the machine-to-machine world. Taoglas’ products operate consistently at optimum proficiency levels, delivering world-class performance, time after time. With Taoglas, you experience high performance, unrivalled delivery, plus you enjoy exceptional back-up and support services. The company’s labs in the US, Taiwan and Ireland enable M2M manufacturers, not only to design and test antenna solutions for M2M devices, but to avail of device optimization and certification preparation.Contact: Dermot O’Shea | Address: 8375 Camino Santa Fe, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92121 | Phone No: +1 858 450 0888 Email: Web:
  The Now Factory provides real-time insights into how customers use data services, enabling CSPs to optimise the customer experience and drive greater profitability. The company is unique in the depth, breadth and quality of actionable insights it delivers with context at any given time across different correlations of customers, services, devices and networks. Its technology has been installed with over 30 carriers globally across 4 different continents. More information on the company can be found at www.thenowfactory.comContact: Oliver Finn | Dublin, Ireland, Stand 1F17, Cedarhurst Building, Arkle Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 2, Ireland. | email: | web: | Tel: +353 1 297 3388