The 2010 Irish Learning Showcase…this is a great time to be involved in learning.

The 2010 Irish Learning Showcase…this is a great time to be involved in learning.

“For all the risk involved, this is a great time to be involved in learning.”
Donald H Taylor

The 2010 Irish Learning Showcase (ILS), Dublin, Ireland, July 22-24 was kicked-off with an enthusiastic opening address by Donald H. Taylor; chairman, Institute of IT Training and Learning Technologies Conference. Taylor’s comments provided an ideal opening platform for the presentations, sessions and interaction that followed over the next three days of the ILS. (Mr. Taylor’s full remarks are available here)

An over-arching theme of the 2010 ILS was “informal learning and social learning“.

Taylor’s talk illustrated the dynamic changes – economic, technological, cultural, leadership- that shaped the Learning and Development (L&D) field over the last three decades. Today there is greater recognition by organizations and executives of the importance of education, training and skills development. Yet, the industry sits at a cross roads with significant opportunities to deliver new products, solutions, services, software and results that meet today’s dynamic and diverse learning and development needs and demands. (more…)

Do you have the entrepreneurial Right Stuff?

I read an article today by founder, Aaron Patzer, entitled, Predicting entrepreneurial success: Got what it takes?

Here’s a short excerpt,

“If you were trying to find successful entrepreneurs — people who can innovate and commercialize radically new ideas — what would you look for?

An unusually high IQ? Wrong. Cooperation and team building over antagonism? Wrong again. Conscientiousness and planning over spontaneity? Not quite.

It turns out none of these correlate strongly with entrepreneurial ability. What does, instead, are qualities like interest in novelty, being able to think on your feet and, believe it or not, age.

We know all this thanks to data compiled and constantly updated by the Founder Institute. A radically new idea in itself, the Founder Institute is a school/incubator of sorts with chapters in Silicon Valley, San Diego, New York, Boston, Houston, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, and Singapore. Its goal is to train entrepreneurs in the skills they need to start 1,000 companies a year. This is entrepreneurship at a tremendous scale.

Using seasoned entrepreneurs as teachers (disclosure: I guest lecture there) is not a new concept. What’s different about the Founder Institute is the data it collects and funnels back into its admissions process.

As Michael Lewis described in “Moneyball,” statistics, data mining, and predictive analysis — mathematics seeking to remove human bias — often trump the best baseball scouts in finding sporting talent. It turns out the same is true for entrepreneurs.

In a one-hour, comprehensive battery of tests, the Founder Institute measures intelligence, aptitude, and psychology’s big five personality traits. Each student receives a score of 0 to 5 (higher is better), predicting how well he or she will do as an entrepreneur.” read the full article

Next tuesday, 08/03/10, I’m meeting with the team behind the Founder Institute at the Founder Showcase Q3.

***UPDATE: notes from Founder Showcase:

The Founder Institute is a four month apprenticeship and training program for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. The Institute prepares founders to lead the next generation of world-class technology companies across a wide range of industries, from the biotech to the internet. All of the program stakeholders, from the participating founders to the experienced CEO Mentors, share in the upside generated by the companies formed during the program. Participants also enjoy free services from three dozen Institute Partners, fundraising opportunities at fair market value, and a teamwork-oriented environment to build a company. The Institute operates semesters twice a year in Silicon Valley, Singapore, Seattle, Los Angles, San Diego, Denver, Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Paris.

Look for my follow-up posts as I report from the Founder Showcase and report back on the key take-aways from the event.

UPDATE: notes from Founder Showcase:

Enterprise Ireland Americas Platinum Sponsor at 8th Annual Medical Innovations Summit

Enterprise Ireland Americas Platinum Sponsor at 8th Annual Medical Innovations Summit

November 1-3, 2010 | InterContinental Hotel and Bank of America Conference Center

    Join the industry’s most distinguished leaders at the 8th Annual Medical Innovation Summit. Take advantage of an exciting lineup of speakers, panel discussions, live surgeries and clinical presentations to learn about the latest trends in medical innovation and what they mean to you.

    The Summit provides an unrivaled perspective on the newest medical technologies and the financial drivers behind those innovations. It is dedicated to providing singular insights, networking opportunities and actionable take away for all participants.



    Irish week in Wisconsin

    Irish week in Wisconsin

    Join us On August 17th at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery at 5:30pm to kick off Irish week in Wisconsin for an informal business networking reception.  Learn more about business and investment opportunities with Irish companies and a look at Ireland as a great place to do business for U.S. companies looking to locate operations in Europe.  Most of all we’ll “chat over a few pints” in the best of Irish traditions.

    Unexplored Genres and Game Mechanics

    Unexplored Genres and Game Mechanics

    At Casual Connect 2010 Here are some of the takeaways from Tim Chang of Norwest Venture Partners presentation today entitled, Casual 2.0: Emerging Trends in Casual Gaming. Slides/Audio Available here.

    • Winster’s multiplayer synchronous collaborative game play
    • Edgy games in social gaming
    • Games for goods
    • Foursquare but with a real life missions (to do, fitness, nutrition, education)
    • Offerpal of offline – earning virtual currency through retail transactions
    • Check in + loyalty + leveling
      • Turn based phrased matched PVP (Staembirds; old school games like Starfleet Battles, Ace of Aces) ex: PVP Zombie Defense?
      • Whale hunting and cultivating – identify your whales and iterate and understand what they are responding to
      • End game – epic win in social games (VS attrition / burn out saturation)
      • P4P – Groupon group shopping / discount mechanics?
      • Reputation + referral based social mechanics – LinkedIn meets Social Gaming

    A key factor in today’s discussion – Understanding Behavioral Drivers

    Tim’s suggested reading:

    • Predictability Irrational by Dan Ariely
    • Stumbling On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert
    • Game Based Marketing by Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder
    Invest Ireland September 28-30, 2010

    Invest Ireland September 28-30, 2010

    Connecting U.S. and European venture capital and angel investors with Ireland’s most promising entrepreneurial ventures, Invest Ireland provides a unique opportunity to meet and invest in Ireland’s leading emergent growth companies.

    Invest Ireland is an exciting new conference which aims to connect Venture and Angel investors with Ireland’s most promising Entrepreneurial ventures. The event will be held at the DCU Ryan Academy in Citywest from 28th – 30th September 2010. Download PDF Flier

    \Through Invest Ireland, the Ryan Academy together with Arizona State University will bring a number of carefully selected US investors to Ireland to sit alongside their Irish counterparts and engage with entrepreneurs from all parts of Ireland. (more…)