Irish company Decawave take CES by Storm

Irish company Decawave take CES by Storm

Article originally published by Eva-Marie Costello, Enterprise Ireland – Mountain View

Decawave, a global leader in ultra-wideband (UWB) semiconductor space, was recently named the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge winner for its ‘Sense the WHERE’ capability. This prestigious award recognizes innovators and experts in IoT and Decawave came out on top of the hundreds of applicants. Since late last year Decawave have been making headlines and recently created a huge stir at CES in Las Vegas this January. They were categorized as one of the top 7 amazing start-ups showcasing products at CES.

CES kicked off with an opening keynote from Intel and to add to the hype, Decawave debuted a live demo of the first connected air orchestra. Intel had performers control virtual instruments through location sensors that were embedded in the performer’s wristbands. Decawave’s UWB micro-location technology meant that the music appeared out of thin air through the position and movement of the performers’ hands. This musical performance was the first of its kind and made CES history!

Decawave debuting their technology at the opening Intel keynote

Decawave technology was also showcased in a Jaguar F-Pace vehicle at the event. In the Jaguar vehicle DecaWave demonstrated the effortless transition between connected home, connected car and connected objects. DecaWave’s wireless technology for precise locations means that it can identify the specific location of any object within an accuracy of 10cm, coupled with more than 99% reliability. We can expect more to come in the future as Decawave and Jaguar Land Rover announced a strategic  partnership with the goal to further enhance the driver experience, offering a range of navigation, safety, security and convenience benefits.

And that’s not all, Decawave was also a part of the Spalding and ShotTracker multi-year partnership announced at CES. Decawave’s chip technology is used in the ShotTracker system, it is made up of three different components which all communicate among each other to track ball movement and player location. The ShotTracker enabled Spalding basketball is connected to portable sensors located around the court and a small tag is also placed on the Player’s shoe. A shot chart is created in real-time which automatically tracks all moves on the court. A revolution for the sports industry and broadcasters as current statistics systems require several days of post processing.

Decawave’s chip technology demonstrated in the ShotTracker system

Decawave’s unique micro-location technology is bringing real value to the IoT market at a competitive cost, very low power usage and with high levels of precision and reliability. The company has gained interest from over 2500 firms globally and has a continuous growing presence worldwide.

To hear more about Decawave and their growing U.S. presence contact, Mickael Viot (Decawave) Fergal O’Moore (Enterprise Ireland),or Eva-Marie Costello.


Global Shares, a market leader in Equity Plan Administration software, continues rapid expansion with new appointments, new offices and launch of new Software

Global Shares, a market leader in Equity Plan Administration software, continues rapid expansion with new appointments, new offices and launch of new Software

Shareholder and Stock Plan Services is a complex business and Global Shares offersGlobal Shares 2 highly innovative web based solutions. The SaaS Company has clients in 100+ countries who benefit from the use of their next generation software for their equity plan management. This number is set to grow swiftly with some strategic developments.


Global Shares has unveiled a major expansion plan for 2015 marking the culmination of a comprehensive phase of software development. As the Company gets ready to launch its new Software Products onto global markets a number of key announcements have been made:

Company Announcements & employee growth

The Company has appointed 4 new key Executives to drive the company’s momentum forward. These include the announcement of new Board member, IT entrepreneur, David Raethorne. A new Marketing Department will be managed by Aisling Riordan and Kathie Zedack joins the US team as Client Relationship Manager.


David Raethorne, Director

David Raethorne, Director

Further developments:

  • New ‘ROW’ Sales Team
  • New restructured US Sales Team and Operations Departments
  • 20% YOY growth at the Company’s employee base in Cork, Ireland
  • Re-seller partners (Elian, Continential Stock, IFG, Capita & others) actively introducing Global Shares to new markets
  • Overall employment expected to more than double in the coming three years.

New offices

A new London Office will open in January located at St. Paul’s beside the London Stock Exchange while earlier in 2014 the company relocated to larger offices in New Jersey.

New APSS Software

Global Shares has launched a campaign promoting its exceptional new APSS software product, targeted at Irish-based companies who are operating employee share incentive schemes. The software is applicable to both public and private companies who have Irish employees.

Speaking about the recent developments, Tim Houstoun, CEO of Global Shares said,

We have grown substantially in the last two years and we now have the opportunity to further our success to date.  Our equity compensation management solutions are the best-in-class and our mission now is to communicate the strength and depth of our product and service offering to the market. We welcome all our new Team Members and look forward to a productive 2015

To find out more visit:  or to keep abreast of our latest software developments subscribe to our Global Blog here. See our latest software in action here.


More about Global Shares:

GS-LOGOweb2Global Shares offer market leading employee equity plan software solutions and consultancy services across the globe. With offices in North America, Ireland, UK and China they provide unrivalled, innovative software solutions for Private, pre-IPO and Public companies including a range of equity administration and financial reporting (IFRS & US Gaap) tools that are fully customizable to each customer’s needs.

As ambassadors of the Equity Industry their delivery of state-of-the-art software solutions sits alongside the provision of award winning consultancy and administration service to their customers. Their client portfolio stretches across 5 continents and varying jurisdictions; delivering a personalised experience to each user. Global Shares have built a formidable list of high quality clients such as Cargill, Nokia, Ambev, UniCredit, Telefonica, Ambev, Sallie Mae, LivingSocial and many others.

Symmetry Surgical announces exclusive US distribution agreement with neoSurgical

Symmetry Surgical announces exclusive US distribution agreement with neoSurgical

NASHVILLE, TN – January 05, 2015 – Symmetry Surgical Inc. (Nasdaq:SSRG) announced today an exclusive distribution agreement in the United States with neoSurgical Limited for its innovative neoClose® Trocar Port Closure System. Symmetry Surgical’s sales representatives in the United States will begin selling the neoClose® System in the first quarter of 2015.NeoClose

neoSurgical received clearance to market neoClose® from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013 for the closure of trocar ports used in robotic and laparoscopic surgical procedures. Since its pilot release, surgeons and clinicians have commented on the product’s ease-of-use, closing 5 mm to 15 mm trocar ports quickly, with virtually no learning curve. Barry Russell, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of neoSurgical Limited, commented, “neoClose® is the first product launch from neoSurgical and we are pleased to be able to partner with Symmetry Surgical on this agreement to achieve access to the entire U.S. market for our innovative solution for trocar port closure.”

Thomas J. Sullivan, Symmetry Surgical’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are pleased to enter an exclusive distribution agreement in the United States with neoSurgical for its unique neoClose® Trocar Port Closure System. neoSurgical has received positive physician feedback on the neoClose® system in its pilot launch, which gives us confidence that it will be well received in a national launch. Symmetry Surgical is ideally positioned to drive adoption of the neoClose® System with our U.S. sales force, broad customer relationships and strong complementary product offerings in laparoscopic surgical instruments and accessories.”

Mr. Sullivan added, “The collaboration with neoSurgical and the addition of the neoClose® System is aligned with our growth strategy, which is anchored on expanding our product offerings through distribution agreements with innovative companies, acquisitions into the broader $5 billion single use, re-usable, and re-posable surgical device market and our own new product development. Maintaining focus on executing this strategy will drive growth through our core business and in our new products.”

About neoSurgical
neoSurgical is an award-winning global medical device company focused on providing technical innovation to the surgical devices industry, particularly for those surgeons conducting laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Winner of the 2014 Kinetic Process Innovation Award and the R&D 100 Award, neoSurgical leverages its in-depth expertise in interpreting surgeons’ needs and converting these needs via an innovative and market led engineering response to deliver compliant devices with the goal to make surgery safer, simpler and superior for both surgeons and their patients. The company’s European headquarters is in Dublin with U.S. headquarters in Boston. More information about neoSurgical can be found at

About Symmetry Surgical Inc.

Symmetry Surgical is dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality, innovative surgical instruments that meet clinicians’ needs and improve patients’ lives. Our team collaborates with healthcare providers around the world to provide medical devices that exceed our customers’ expectations and provide solutions for today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth. Our rich and diverse history creates one of the industry’s most comprehensive surgical instrument portfolios, which includes our well-known brands such as BOOKWALTER®, GREENBERG®, RILEY™, OLSEN™, ULTRA™, QUAD-LOCK®, FLASHPAK®, RAPIDCLEAN®, OPTI-LENGTH®, CLASSIC® and CLASSIC PLUS®. Symmetry Surgical is headquartered in Nashville, TN. For more information, please visit

Financial Risk Solutions (FRS)

Financial Risk Solutions (FRS)

Hawthorn Life insurance adopts software from Dublin-based Financial Risk Solutions (FRS) to meet its Solvency II requirements

Financial Risk Solutions (FRS), a provider of investment administration and compliance software solutions, has announced that its Invest|GRC™ (Governance, Risk & Compliance) product has been implemented by Hawthorn Life, a Berkshire Hathaway company.   The implementation is 15 months ahead of the Jan 2016 deadline for Solvency II asset-reporting, which dictates that insurance companies must provide more granular and more frequent insight into the risk and return profile of their investments.

The unique software allows for the fully-automated production of Pillar 3 D1 (investments data) and D4 (investment funds) Solvency II reports by consuming and enriching data from various sources.  For Hawthorn Life these sources  include Morningstar data and a fund-pricing outsourcer for daily holdings data.  The combined data can then be used for monitoring and reporting in the prescribed QRT (Quantitative Reporting Templates) format.

Brian Aherne of Hawthorn Life comments “Through our adoption of Invest|GRC™ being able to view and report on our investments and funds not only helps us meet our regulatory requirements but also benefits our overall business – and we have been able to do this quickly, efficiently and at minimal cost to our business.  The process of adopting the software from FRS was seamless and efficient, which means that we are now 15 months ahead of our regulatory deadline and can concentrate on our main business of serving our clients.”






Frank Carr, Chief Marketing Officer at FRS says “QRT reporting is quite a challenge for life companies – mainly because of the sheer volume of data and frequency of reporting required. So having one system that can seamlessly facilitate that, yet has the ability to work with existing data sources is important.  Having Hawthorn Life adopt Invest|GRC™ is real testament to our ability to deliver a software solution that works – and puts Hawthorn at a real advantage in terms of Solvency II readiness.”

Frank Carr, Chief Marketing Officers at FRS.

The news was published on

Actuarial Post

Inside Market Data (Waters Technology Group)


Dublin-based Waratek Helps Global Bank Protect IT Applications

One of the world’s leading financial institutions is one of many that have a large number of IT applications based on various versions of the Java programming language, many of which are older and can’t be patched nor updated to fix security vulnerabilities. After the Bank performed an inventory and discovered hundreds of internal applications using a mix of old and new versions of Java, they needed a way protect them from cyber-attackers that exploit software flaws to commit fraud.

The Bank worked with security vendor Waratek to create a tool that enables Java applications to protect themselves from attacks. The Waratek product uses what Gartner technology analyst Joseph Feiman calls a “self-protecting” application approach, or Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP). According to Feiman, RASP detects and blocks attacks, and it operates in the application’s runtime environment.

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